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Services for the church are as follows:

SUNDAY we have the Divine Service at 18:00

MONDAY is a demonstration of Clairvoyance at 19:00

WEDNESDAY at 13:45 we have another demonstration of Clairvoyance

THURSDAY  at 14:30 we have our Greater World Spiritual Healing.  Dedicated webpage to be created shortly.  Healing will commence from July 7, 2005.

ALSO at 19:30 is our Open Circle with circle leader Babs Howard.

PLEASE NOTE:  On certain Fridays and Saturdays, we have special services which usually start at 19:30.  Please see the Newsletter for these events.

The Small Print:

Everyone is welcome to the church to attend any of our services.  We do ask for you to make a small donation when you attend each event.  On the Friday and Saturday demonstrations, we do not have a collection.  What we do is have an entry fee (Usually 4.50 for non-members & 4 for members).  There is no collection during our special sessions.  At each clairvoyance service there is also a raffle style prize draw.

If you have anything that you think would be suitable for prizes in our raffles and would like to donate them, please bring them to the church and see the chair-person before the service starts.

To become a member of the church, please see the chairing person before the service and they will only be happy to assist you.  Membership is currently 2.00 per year.





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