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If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about the website, please contact the webmaster using the email address:

Our website is designed currently by Gareth Edwards, who has attended the church since early April 2005.  Gareth offered his services as a small gift to the church to help it grow and pull in more people as the interest in the spiritual side of clairvoyance and healing is on the rise.  Gareth joined the church in May of 2005.

Gareth has his own website, Angels and Unicorns ( although, not very popular, he has enjoyed doing the work it takes and will continue to work on it along side this site when he has time.

As soon as time becomes more available, Gareth's friend Scott Routledge will be joining in the web development for Villiers Street C.S. Church.  Scott has a history of web design which is his full time job.  His website can be found at

This website is hosted on Gareths' personal account that he has with his own Internet Service Provider.  The domain name and e-mail forwarding is done through  I would like to thank them for their wonderful services.




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